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Notas acerca del documental: La verdad sobre las vacunas. De Ty Bollinger

Ty Bollinger, es un divulgador estadounidense preocupado por encontrar información científica sobre diferentes temas de salud. Recientemente se dio a la tarea de reunir a médicos, investigadores y a padres y madres para entrevistarlos y referirnos a sus fuentes de estudio.  El resultado de este proyecto es La verdad sobre las vacunas, un documental en … Sigue leyendo Notas acerca del documental: La verdad sobre las vacunas. De Ty Bollinger

Feel the Fear and Birth Anyway



This is just a little post to ease me back into the blogging world (thesis finally submitted). As usual, the content is in response to a reoccurring issue and discussions with mothers and midwives. And I welcome your experiences and comments on this topic…

In a backlash against the medicalisation of birth women are beginning to reclaim birth (yay!). Partly thanks to the availability of information via the internet, a counter culture has emerged. Movies, images and stories of empowered birthing mothers circulate through social media – women birthing in beautiful calm environments (usually in water, surrounded by candles), looking like Goddesses whilst gently and quietly ‘breathing’ their baby out. Women are able to see how birth can be, and many are inspired and driven to create a birth experience like those they watch.

Whilst these images can assist in building self-trust for mothers as they approach birth, they do not tell…

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